Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blog Challenge

I am having a really hard time keeping up with Amanda's blog challenge. I only posted the one blog, and that has been several weeks ago. So, I guess I have to start all over and count this as week one. Today, on my list of things to do, was go and check on my Griz Country letterbox to see how it made it through the winter. It was nice and dry, not wet at all. I'm going to try and check on Bad Hair Day Float tomorrow afternoon. After going to breakfast with several friends, I took Blew and headed down the Box Canyon Trail to check on Griz. What a beautiful day it is! I wore a jacket, but ended up tying it around my waist because it got plenty warm. We saw many drift boats and one raft going down the river, but only ran into two groups of people out hiking. On our way back we stopped at the Box Canyon campground to say hello to the campground host who told me he is lonely when he came in to pick up his mail yesterday. So far, he only has one person camping there. When we got home from the walk, I mowed my lawn, then decided I would mow Dion's lawn too because she had to go to town, and who knows when we will have a clear day again. Then I made my dump run, and now I am ready to get to work on some of the letter boxing things I have yet to complete for the event I am hosting here in Island Park in two weeks. So, for my photo for this blog, I am going to post a picture I took today of Blew on our walk. And one of the waterfall that is near the Griz Country plant.