Friday, May 6, 2011

Blog Challenge

Okay, Amanda told us that if we accepted her blog challenge to do a quick post telling what we hope to accomplish with the challenge. Like usual, I just jumped right in and posted the first blog of the challenge. So here is my quick post.

I plan to get into the habit of blogging once a week so that my friends and family who are far away can share in my adventures! I know you all wish you could be here in "God's Country" with hopefully through my blog you will be.

View from the top of Angel's Landing

At Angel's Landing

Going back down

Looking down at the easy part!
I am just trying for the twelve weeks to get into the habit. Then I will see if I like it enough to continue. And, I couldn't resist adding some more pictures from my Angel's Landing hike. Look where we are going to take you next year, Amanda!

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