Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Adopting an Older Brother

My house in February taken from in front of Bart's house.
In February, one of Blew's friends lost his owner in a snow mobile accident. I offered to care for Jesse, an 11 1/2 year old chocolate lab. I thought Blew loved Jesse, but I didn't realize what an adjustment it would be for her to have to share her home (and me) with another dog full time.

Jesse, taken March 26, 2013
It has been just over a month since Jesse came to live with us, and Blew has Jesse fully trained. Like all labs, Jesse will eat anything. Except for Blew's treats that I swear she leaves out just to tantalize him. She left a milk bone in the front room, and it lasted for days. And, he actually sleeps part of the night out in the front room. He is a good tempered dog, never fights back when she gets angry at him, and always has a tail to wag when he sees me. He has kept her closer to home than she would normally stay when I let her loose, although he does wander a bit with her when he is feeling good. I no longer have the problem of unwanted dog food spilled and left forgotten on the ground. Jesse cleans it up for me (see picture below).

Earlier this winter, two of my neighbors trapped several beaver that were causing havoc in certain areas of Island Park. They skinned them and used the rest of the beaver for bear and wolf bait (remember, these are Fish and Game/Forest Service employees). One of the guys threw the beaver skulls up on top of his enclosed trailer to dry out and keep away from four legged scavengers; you know, like coyotes, wolves, bears, and Blew. Ha...it didn't work with Blew, anyway.

The snow got deeper and deeper, and pretty soon Blew was able to get up on the trailer and began bringing home beaver skulls. She taunted Jesse with them, let him help her break them down into chewable bits, and carried them around like some sort of trophy. I did make sure it was okay that she was taking them. Actually, I told John that if he wanted them back, he would have to take them away from her!

This picture above is with skull number three. I think she brought home skull number five tonight. John told me they trapped a total of ten beaver. We are halfway there!

Look at her licking her chops! She knows she can find good stuff on the top of that trailer. I'll be happy when the snow finally melts enough she can't bring home the rest of her trophies.

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  1. So I guess you ended up in ID. I met up with my old friend James Martin in Tallahassee tonight and when he saw my loaded Toy hauler trailer and menagerie of animals he told me a (similar sounding) story about a woman who just packed up and went west (as I am). Crazy Mountain Woman he said was her blog... Must be you?
    I'm Enroute to Roseburg Oregon with all I own and know not what the future holds, I take heart that you did the same and invite you to follow my journey on FB as The Temporary Nomad. Marcus Surprenant