Saturday, October 27, 2012


I found this old post in my drafts and decided to get it on my blog, too. This was from two years ago!

I am so ultra blessed. I had planned on going for a drive yesterday--the Ashton Flagg Ranch Road before it gets snowed in, and through Yellowstone Park and then home. I had to do a little shopping first, so I packed, went to the dump, put air in my front tires, and went down to Rexburg. I took a picture of Sawtelle, with it's little bit of snow on top right after going to the dump. Then, I stopped at the historical site at the bottom of the Ashton Hill and took a couple of pictures of the colors on the hill, hoping that they would look as good as they do in person. After stopping at three places in Rexburg, Blew and I headed back up to Ashton and out the Ashton Flagg Ranch Road. We stopped at the first view of the Tetons and Blew and I got out and walked a little bit, while I took a couple of pictures. The next place we stopped was Indian Lake. I took some pictures of aspen leaves, and the aspen among the green pines. Then we walked down to the lake and I took more pictures. We drove for a little while, and when we crossed South Boone Creek, I saw the Grand sticking up above some trees. I pulled over and walked back to the creek and took more pictures. When I walked back to the car, I saw my left front tire was very low. Needless to say, I turned around. I started to change to my donut spare tire, but couldn't find the lug wrench! Horrors. Needless to say, I prayed all the way to Ashton that I would make it home. I stopped at the Shell in Ashton and filled the tire back up with air. On the way up the hill I wondered why a sinner, like myself, could be so blessed. (Sinner because I opted to go for a drive instead of listening to conference.) The answer came so crystal clear--because I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. He may not approve or love what I do, but he loves me. I made it home (found the lug wrench in my car on the third examination of my car), and will take the tire in tomorrow to get it fixed while I am at work. I did listen to the Saturday morning session of conference (thank heavens for the internet!) last evening after listening to the afternoon session and
taking Blew for her evening walk.

I am so blessed.

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