Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Six Of My Earthly Angels

I am feeling very blessed today. It is amazing that when trouble crops up in your world you find out how many friends you actually have. Tomorrow is the day when I begin to discover if I can be at all like Kari Dalton. Only time will tell.

For the last few weeks, I've had six very special angels helping me with my Blew problem. You see, Blew likes to take her food dish up on top of her throne so that she can eat while guarding the world around her.
Three of Blew's winter dishes, circled in red.

The problem is, my knees have been so bad this winter that I haven't been able to climb her hill and gather up her dishes. In the winter I use plastic dishes so as not to damage any snow removal equipment that comes around. I learned the hard way that if your snow blower swallows a moose antler it breaks a shear pin.  :)  In past years, when the snow was soft, I would climb Blew's throne at a crawl to help distribute my weight a little more and, hopefully, not break through and be buried up to my waist. The knees don't want to crawl this year, so I was in somewhat of a dilemma. That is where my angels come in. 

Angel Mary with Blew on top of her throne.

Blew greeting two of my angels
Lately, Blew has been taking her dish up to the top of her throne every day. Sometimes she even takes two dishes up there. The worst problem is that now I am down to only three dishes. I have no idea where two of them disappeared to, although I suspect the fox that has been hanging around has something to do with that.

My angels know how to listen to the Spirit when it speaks to them, and come rescue me (and the dishes) without my even requesting their assistance. I don't know their father as well as I should, but I can definitely tell you that they take after their mother in their thoughts and actions.

I love it when they come in and talk to me while I am at work and tell me everything that is going on in their lives. They liven up my day, especially in the winter when nothing much is going on.

I asked their mother to take pictures of them making snow angels. So, last week, they snow shoed into the park and she proceeded to send me a photo of them with visible wings.

All six of my earthly angels

Angel Ahsley
Angel Elodie


Angel Maggie

Angel Mary
Angel Eden

Angel Emma
Thank you, my earthly angels, for bringing extra joy into my life!

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  1. 6 little angels are very teary over here. :) xo