Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cliff and Wade Lake Campout

The truck is loaded and we are ready to head for our campout. It has been so long since we've taken the canoe anywhere, that we forgot the end with the two ropes goes in front. We did fine until we were somewhere near Wild Rose Ranch when a wind gust blew the canoe to the side. What's a campout without a little excitement? Amanda got out of the truck and shoved the canoe back, and I drove a little slower up the road. Yes, those are the dog kennels you see in the back. We took them for the dogs to sleep in at night. They are pretty handy for putting equipment in, also, on the drive up. We didn't have to worry about anything blowing out of the truck!

We had to camp at Hilltop Campground because neither Cliff Lake nor Wade Lake campgrounds had any openings. There were quite a few up at the top, though, so we got to chose which one we wanted.

After we set up the tent, we took the dogs on a walk. There is a nature trail that goes from the Hilltop campground down to Wade Lake, so we decided to walk down. The 2nd photo shows a glimpse of Wade Lake when we were about half way down the mountain.

The third photo is Wade Lake at an overlook on the nature trail. It is looking further north, so it actually looks more of a distance to the lake than the last picture.

It is also a deeper part of the lake, so it is more blue than the green of the 2nd picture. The last part of the hike down to the lake was pretty steep.

The fourth picture is of Amanda and Carma hiking down the steep path in front of me.

Look at the color of the lake in the 5th picture. What an amazing color for a mountain lake! My next blog will have pictures from Cliff Lake.

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