Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cliff Lake Pictures from August 22, 2009

The two mature bald eagles Amanda and I saw on our trip in the canoe at Cliff Lake.
One of the many ducks we saw.

The island in Cliff Lake is the rounded mound of land at the left and going into the center of the picture. Amanda and I went all the way around it to make sure it was really an island. :)

This cliff with its clinging trees is to the east of the island, and a cove goes back behind it. Next time I go up there with the canoe, I am going to explore! (This Wednesday, hopefully.)

Look at the color of this water. It is deeper than it looks.

I loved this rock with the fleabane growing on it.

Still trying to get a good picture of the color of the water. These trees add a little bit of interst with their scraggly branches and reflections.

Looking out to the first bend in the lake, and watching Amanda come ashore.
The view from the road going up to Hilltop Campground. I'll definitely be going back!

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